When we take the subway, we riders typically don’t use our commuting time enjoying the scenery. We read books, chat with a friend, or play a game of Angry Birds, but look around the station? Nah.

While on the Coney Island bound F train, I decided to look up while waiting on the platform. I discovered this:
After 7 years using my local station, I finally saw this sign, circa 1940’s by The Subway Sun.
subway sun Closeup

Turns out the Subway Sun has been around since 1915, teaching riders proper subway etiquette. 12oz Prophet has a great collection of old ads, as well as Joe korner.

Another litter ad exists in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This one has a tear, but is a nicer photograph.
photo by Ephemeral New York

Sometimes we let modern devices keep us from taking in our physical environment. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for little gems!