2015 was a terrific year for me, and I hope it was for you, too!

I wanted to write up post covering some of the projects I made last year. Among other accomplishments: I was on the Jury panel for River Run film festival’s category for best animated short. River Run’s animated short category was Academy Qualified, making the role a prestigious honor. It was a great to see short films that went on to win awards in other festivals such as Annecy and Ottawa, and potentially win an Oscar.

Speaking of Annecy: my short film “Sidewalk” screened in Annecy! It was part of the festival’s womans’ animation showcase, and an honor to be screened among other amazing films.

On the academic side: I received my master’s degree in computer art from the School of Visual Arts. Afterwards, I was off to Mexico where I gave a lecture on releasing a short film online at the Pixlatl animation conference.

I finished off the year visiting Japan for the first time, and attending a few days at the New Chitose International Animation Festival. While in Tokyo, I met a few professors and students from the incredible Tokyo University of the Arts.

Last year’s high volume of travel allowed me to meet amazing artists from around the world, not to mention a few heroes. It’s doubtful 2016 will top 2015’s excitement, but I doesn’t have to. This year, I plan to settle down and make more personal content. Here is a recap of 2015:

I was the animation director for an episode of Startup Stories.

I composited a video for the notorious street artist, Sabe.

I animated a station ID for TBS

I sharpened my Maya skills with an 11 second club video.

I should mention that a lot of energy was spent toward a project I have yet to share. I hope to have it ready by the end of 2016!