9/11/01, Living in lower NY

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I have never posted these photos. They were taken from my rooftop on 9/11/01, while living in the Lower East Side.

By this, I mean the REAL Lower East Side, which is below Houston. I lived on Henry and Montgomery Street, 1.3 miles from the World Trade Center. Land line and cell phone service were knocked out for two months, and the air was barely breathable. For weeks, all you could smell was burning electrical equipment, freshly laid tar, with a hint of death.

Here are the photos I took that morning.
These were my roommates at the time. No photos of me were taken on that tragic day.

One interesting piece I worked on this year was this one: a beautiful film made by the Rauch Brothers of Brooklyn, NY. It brings extra significance to me on this particular day:

The weeks after were unforgettable. I hope everyone has a thoughtful and creative day.


  1. LindaBeck
    September 30, 2011

    I had no idea you were so close, Celia! Thank goodness you’re okay. Nice work on the StoryCorps piece!

  2. admin
    October 2, 2011

    Thanks, Linda!
    I was working on Little Bill at the time; my first post-college animation job. I may not be as naive and optimistic as I was then, but life has gotten a whole lot better since then!

  3. Kaukab Basheer
    December 30, 2011

    Wow, thank you for sharing these scary & absolutely tragic photos… Didn’t know you did work on a StoryCorps project – so cool..!