So far, 2016  has been a whirlwind. I’ve been pitching, animating, and storyboarding: much which can’t be to shared on this site (yet).  But… I have updated my portfolio website for when the time comes.  It’s simple, clean, and has everything you need to see.

I’m excited to be taking my third Animation Mentor class this fall.  After nine years of being an instructor, I LOVE being an animation student again. The lessons I learn in CG has influenced my approach to 2D animation, with incredible results.  Online schooling is truly amazing!

I will be giving a talk called “Operation Viral” at Anibar in Kosovothis in August.  My talk covers strategies on launching your film online, to ultimately reach a wide audience.  I also cover the various video platforms for filmmakers, film licencing, and monetizing your film with ads.  Basically…all the things I wish someone told me before I launched Sidewalk!

I don’t see visits to the beach on the horizon, but I’m having plenty of summer fun!